Last year, the phenomenal Spiderhound enjoyed an incredible moment in his career with hit songs in “Phlame,” “Strangers,” “Forgive,” and “I See Red.” In the new year, he kicks things off instantly with the release of arguably his best work yet in new song “So Good.” The new single prepares for the hot artist’s highly-anticipated forthcoming album.

Gritty, trippy, and in your face, “So Good” is a combination that allows the listener to put their guard down and get sonically bathed in an essence that doesn’t give a clear indication as to where it’s heading next. The song’s message is to soak up positive feelings and completely live in the moment. And with its chill atmosphere and captivating flow, the title of the track is fitting to the nature of its aura.

For Spiderhound, the new release fits within the realm of experimental bass but stands out with distinctive production elements that can be easily recognized as his signature sound.

“’So Good’ is a downtempo experimental bass vocal tune that expresses the collective desire to feel good,” says Spiderhound. “There’s an underlying nostalgia for a time when feeling good wasn’t so bitter sweet. A time when feeling good was taken for granted. Feeling good in a modern context is a precious gift. Enjoy the moment and savor every relationship, sensation, taste, smell, nuance and detail.”

Available now on all digital streaming platforms. Stream the Spiderhound’s new single, “So Good,” below.