The emo duo of Bridget Stiebris and Haley Blomquist is bringing out a charming sound that combines math rock and queer shoegaze for their band OK Cool. After the release of their EP 2021 “Surrealist,” the band is gearing up for their two-part single release “Songs from the Spare Room,” which starts off with “Time and a Half” out today. 

This single brings out nostalgic feelings that a 2011 Modern Baseball song could give someone. It’s the familiarity in the guitar riffs and the vocals which could be compared to Julien Baker with a bit more energy. 

They embody those twangy riffs, but also prove their shoegaze mastery through beautiful reverberated telecasters and transcendent vocal effects. 

The band describes the first single as a reaction to the twisted sense of time caused by the ongoing pandemic. 

“Everything we used to mark the passing of time has disappeared. It’s about grappling with your changing sense of what you knew and thinking…maybe none of that mattered anyway.“

Their second single in this duo is set to be released on February 4th and will be up for listening on Spotify