Right on time, rising Alternative recording artist Beck Pete enters 2022 with a “New Year, New Me” attitude with the release of her new single “Softie,” from her upcoming album.

Sources say the song was originally titled, “Big Mouth,” Pete’s latest was inspired by the frustrating realization that she had played a part in the torment of her past relationships. The song tells the story of how women are societally taught to chase after male attention. For newfound fans, “Softie” is a must-hear track.

“This song is about internalizing your own worth, and in this instance, taking a step back and letting others realize it too,” Pete says in a press release. “I whisper sang this song over and over to myself in my room with wet cheeks and tired eyes until I finally was able to truly know mine, and if someone else is able to do the same, I’ve done my job.”

Produced by Jon Joseph, “Softie” was written alone in Beck’s bedroom, and finished on a peaceful retreat to Lake Tahoe where she was able to internalize the true message of this song. Pete’s popularity originates from her organic following in recent years that transferred into the rising star regularly selling out notable venues in LA like The Echo and The Troubadour. Pete’s upcoming project is slated for a late-2022 release and will include an incredible amount of depth.

“Softie” is the perfect origin point for anyone anticipating Pete’s forthcoming project. For daily updates and more on Beck Pete, follow the rising star on social media.

You may check out the new single below.