The only way to make a mark on music today is to be so undeniably unique that people have to pay attention. Thankfully, that’s what Bad Rescue does best.

Nobody likes to talk about it, but music discovery is exhausting. Listeners generally have to sift through dozens if not hundreds of artists to find one that shows a little bit of promise. Even if you find that artist, which can be difficult, there is no guarantee that they will write a second song that captures your imagination. Discovery is an act of perpetual heartbreak, but now and then, a band comes along that makes all the bad times worth it. This week, that band is Bad Rescue.

The brainchild of brothers David and Franck Potvin (Lyzanxia, Phaze I, One-Way Mirror), Bad Rescue employs the perfect mix of tense ambient music with elements of industrial, electro, arena rock, and Metal for a sound that is dangerously invigorating. The sonic landscape they create allows for endless exploration, which the brothers take full advantage of as they work through various emotions and life experiences.

Rather than continue explaining the sound of Bad Rescue, I want you to hear it. Check out the group’s new video for “Wall Eye,” which offers a surprising blend of hip-hop and rock.

Speaking of the track, Bad Rescue offers:

“Wall Eye” is typically the kind of song that we’ve wanted to produce for a long time. A mix of industrial rock with rap vocals on the verses. The voice of King Marino on these verses brings a dramatic and dark vibe to the song while you can feel the wrath of the lyrics in the chorus. All of those elements got mixed up with a heavy guitar riff and you’ve got a sick crossover song called “Wall Eye”!

We expect big things from Bad Rescue in 2022. Their arrival in rock couldn’t come at a better time. The world needs more bands willing to blur genre lines searching for new and exciting sounds. That is the only way the genre can stop running on fumes and once again capture the imagination of music fans everywhere. We need Bad Rescue. Maybe more than they need us.