Do you remember the best parts about being a kid? There’s living a more carefree life with less responsibility. There are the small cherished memories of eating ice cream with a loved one or finding new friends in school. And then there’s the sense of adventure. When you’re a child and the world seems so much bigger, the smallest trek through the woods or around the neighborhood can feel like the grandest journey anyone has ever taken. Ideally, we take that sense of wonder with us into adulthood. British Columbia’s Kuri captured this sense of adventure in his recent track “The Great Orator.” Today, he relates back to childhood with the stirring music video for the track, premiering here on Substream.

The video follows two young protagonists on their own journey. Through the stirring intro to the track. we see all the preparation, from drawing maps to scouting out routes. As Kuri’s voice enters, the adventure begins. The two children in the video are superb actors, and it’s easy to see the joy and wonder on their faces as they explore. The video is wisely shot low to the ground, letting us see the world as the children see it: huge and full of possibilities. It’s a gentle reminder to never lose your sense of adventure, and it’s sure to bring back warm memories.

Kuri fondly explained the message behind “The Great Orator” to us, saying:

“’The Great Orator’ has such a feeling of intensity and defiance to it. There’s this sense of danger, adventure, and newfound identity. We wanted to capture and also counteract that through working with children. Kids ‘run away from home’ all the time, and it feels like it’s the most insane thing we could ever do. But generally they haven’t actually gone far, and their parents will easily find them and bring them home. That’s sort of the theme of the song. Sometimes our sense of dangerous and triumphant defiance is still quite small and innocent; almost futile. But the personal impact still feels cosmic.”

You can watch the music video for Kuri’s “The Great Orator” below.