Weller is the latest band to emerge from the seemingly endless pool of talent that comes from the heart of Philadelphia. Their style of songwriting feels incredibly personal, almost like each of these sprawling and beautiful songs are written explicitly for the listener. Their debut album is a self-titled effort that was produced by Slaughter Beach, Dog mastermind Jake Ewald, and his influence is abundant throughout this body of work. Today, I’m excited to share another new song from Weller’s upcoming debut with y’all. The sprawling and attentive grand finale to the album, “Point Of Personal Privilege.”

The song starts with a bouncy and delicate riff that manages to fill the space left by the quiet atmosphere that they’ve created and eventually gives into full collapse around the halfway mark. The music is quick to change from delicate and airy to cathartic and crashing — a moment of release that each verse has been slowly building up to, and they pay off is something that will leave you satisfied each and every time that you hear it. It’s clear that Weller is another group that sees the importance in paying an incredible amount of attention to detail.

The stories they manage to create throughout the album are wrought with the most vivid and life-like imagery, listening to the lyrics alone feels like a work of art, and “Point Of Personal Privilege” is a prime example of just that.

You can stream the track below.


Weller’s self-titled debut album will be released on October 20th. Pre-orders will be available here. You can find a list of Weller’s upcoming tour dates below.