Miami recording artist LunchMoney Lewis continues his platinum-status run with an art-reflecting-life EP, titled, Songs In The Key of Quarantine (S.I.T.K.O.). Bunkered down like the rest of the world in the midst of this pandemic, Lewis keeps his fans entertained with a four-track collection of trendy, explicit and energetic Miami heat.

Short and sweet, the new EP is LunchMoney Lewis’ moment to capitalize on the free time and grow on the recent success of collaborations with big names City Girls (“Make A Cake”) and Doja Cat (“Pony”). On S.I.T.K.O., Lewis shines bright on breakout tracks “Toilet Paper” and “Quarantine Blues”. He connects with fans to relate that you are not alone and we are all in this together.

“I wanted to leave a musical thumbprint on the time we’re living in, something sonically that sounds like there’s light at the end of the tunnel,” he explains.

The project is a great transition into the anticipated full-length album arriving later 2020. His new sound has generated a huge social following and continues to gather awareness through his constant engagement with fans on Twitter. So like Terratori, mask up and vibe out to some of the best new music to come out of this situation.

Stream LunchMoney Lewis new EP, Songs In the Key of Quarantine here via LunchBox Records.

Available now on LunchBox Records, stream Songs In The Key of Quarantine below.