Portland, Oregon pop rock duo Mothertapes—made up of vocalist/guitarist Pete Bosack and drummer Tommy Franzen—are an impressive staple of the Pacific Northwest local scene, but with singles and videos like their most recent for “Do Make Say,” it should be no time at all before they break into bigger markets and become a cornerstone of rock playlists aplenty. And speaking of that video, Substream has the honor of sharing its world premiere today.

“‘Do Make Say’ is a song about willful ignorance and denial, like not wanting to know what’s really in that processed meat product,” says Bosack. “The video follows my failed attempt to escape the truth via an elaborate scenario involving 13 haircuts and 112 hot dogs.”

It’s buns and wieners galore for Mothertapes’ newest visual, but all stupid jokes aside, it’s just a great video treatment for an excellent single that’s easily digestible (last one, I promise). Fans of bands like the Helio Sequence and Caribou are sure to fall in love, but even if you’re unfamiliar with those acts and just enjoy damn fine music, you’re in luck, too. Dig in! (I lied.)

“Do Make Say” is the opening track to Mothertapes’ 2015 self-titled full-length, which is available to purchase through the band’s website.