There are few things in this world worse than the feeling of abandonment, especially as it relates to the people you have placed the most trust and faith in. For Misty Boyce, that person was initially her mother, but over the last nine months her views have expanded to the matriarchy as a whole. The powers that be are not pushing us together, but rather urging us to separate by placing undue emphasis on things that don’t really matter in the grand scheme of life. Boyce has channeled these thoughts and feelings into her latest single, which we are thrilled to reveal for you today.

Below you can stream the exclusive premiere of “Oh Marie,” a song that tugs at your heart strings while pushing you to take action in your daily life. Boyce is accompanied by piano, which pairs well with her porcelain vocals. As she navigates the track the ebbs and flows of her emotion play like a ride you will never forget. Check it out:

When asked about the story behind her latest single, Misty Boyce told us:

“Oh Marie” started out being about my relationship with my mother. At the time, I was wrestling with very freshly uncovered feelings of abandonment by her, and acting unfairly towards her—she’s a good mom! Those unilateral feelings are captured here.

But as time wore on (especially post-election), the song has taken on a broader depiction of my overall feelings of disappointment in and betrayal by the matriarchy as a whole, including myself. I became so aware of the ways in which women abandon themselves and each other. We’ve been taught to compete instead of work together and be supportive, and to be distracted from our talents and ingenuity by body image and food obsessions, among other things.”

Boyce will perform “Oh Marie,” along with other songs, during her performance at David Gage Instruments in New York this Thursday. Visit her official website for more information.