Substream has been following Arizona indie-punks Sundressed for quite some time. So, back in May when the band announced their signing to Rude Records, we were more than excited to see what was next. And once the album was finally announced in July and we had some singles to dive into, it was clear that their new record, Home Remedy (due out tomorrow, September 18th via Rude Records), would be something special.

Sundressed was originally formed back in 2012, as lead vocalist and songwriter Trevor Hedges initially wanted the project to help maintain his sobriety. Living on this planet is sometimes messy and complicated, change is inevitable, and it’s not always easy to feel certain with your life and things around you. Eight years into the career of Sundressed, they’re ready to re-focus their mission.

Hedges has turned the project into a safe haven of sorts, writing songs that tackle mental health issues, offering his own experiences in the form of songs as a place of comfort for others. His confessional lyrics and punk-infused melodies are a shining light, if you will — looking to inspire hope in listeners to keep moving forward.

Sundressed is now more than Hedges, with the addition of AJ Peacox on guitar, Vic Chan on drums, Matthew Graham and Justin Portillo, the project has never sounded better. The new record was produced by Mike Pepe, and they were determined to make a positive impact, one song and one lyric at a time.

So today, ahead of it’s release tomorrow, Substream is excited to be teaming up with Sundressed to offer an exclusive stream of Home Remedy in advance. A cathartic journey, the record is authentic, honest, and moving. It’s a journey that you won’t want to miss out on, as Hedges explains, “’Home Remedy’ is a record about getting better by any means necessary. Despite many setbacks, I truly believe we were able to make our most authentic and honest record yet.

Listen to our stream of the album below.




  1. Home Remedy
  2. Explode! (Into Pieces)
  3. No Thanks
  4. Is This a Drug
  5. Oh Please
  6. Size of my Heart
  7. Your Frequency
  8. Sensitive Motherf*cker
  9. The Facts
  10. Cash Out