Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio, Lincoln took after artists like Bon Jovi and named the band after himself. The story for Lincoln really took off when The Format’s Sam Means tweeted out a link to a Youtube cover of one of his songs that Lincoln had recorded.

Once this happened, it quickly caught the ears of I Surrender Records, along with Lincoln’s original music, and the rest is history. They quickly signed the artist, and in January of 2017 released his debut EP, A Constant State of Ohio. His music is equal parts pretentious as it is angsty, and this EP serves as a beautiful example of that. A snapshot of this 19 year old’s self-aware mind of teenage rebellion, it will either take you to a place you haven’t been in years or show you a side of teenagers you haven’t seen before.

Tomorrow, September 18th, Lincoln will be releasing Saint Bernard 7″ digitally, and will be launching physical pre-orders (limited to 500 copies). However, today Substream is excited to bring things full-circle in ways for Lincoln.

We are exclusively streaming a remix of Lincoln’s song, “Saint Bernard” — done by Sam Means himself. “No joke, Sam is my childhood hero and I couldn’t have been more excited to have had him remix this song,” he tells Substream.

Listen to the remix for yourself below.




  1. Saint Bernard
  2. Saint Bernard 2
  3. Saint Bernard (Sam Means Remix)