We’re now just a week away from the arrival of Lorde‘s sophomore album, Melodrama. Late last night, the singer gave fans the fourth and final preview of the album before it drops next week, sharing a new track called “Sober.”

We were notified by Lorde in advance that the song was coming. She announced tour dates for Europe, New Zealand, and Australia yesterday morning on social media, and in that post, the singer teased a new release coming at midnight. For any of our readers in the listed locations, those tour dates can be found on Lorde’s website. Pre-sale begins on June 13 for New Zealand and Australia, and on June 14 for Europe, with the code being sent out to fans after signing up for a mailing list from Lorde.

lorde tour poster

“Sober” is more upbeat than “Liability,” but still much more minimalist than “Green Light” or “Perfect Places.” It’s a track that focuses on the escapism of partying and drinking, but with a wondering gaze towards what comes after the good times come to an end. Like the rest of her recent releases, it points to a new set of emotions and thoughts to be explored on the new album.

Melodrama is out next week. Are you ready for it? Listen to “Sober” below while you try to manage your excitement.