Trev Lukather loves rock, roll, and power trios. His band LEVARA released a video for “Ever Enough” on March 19, and their self-titled full-length comes out on May 14 on Mascot Records. Trev and I spoke about his top ten power trios, and we know that his opinion is wrong:


  1. Green Day


SW: Trev, you’re a power trio.


TL: Yes. Yes we are.


SW: Green Day is my second favorite live band and the next band you listed is my favorite. “Well” done.


TL: Well thank you, Scott! Anyway, I wore out Dookie when I was a kid. Hit after hit after hit.


SW: I can’t say enough good things about that album. I’ve listened to it many times all by myself.


TL: (laughs) Nice pun, dad.


  1. Silverchair


SW: Thanks, son. Diorama is my favorite album released this century.


TL: Genius album. Daniel Johns is a friend and I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with him a few times.


SW: Wow. You had the greatest view.


TL: (laughs) Indeed. Daniel Johns is QUITE the view. Jokes aside, that guy is a walking, living, breathing rockstar in FULL force. Unbelievable talent.


SW: Jokes aside part two, you’re on the money. I wish that Silverchair was as big here as they are in Australia.


TL: Yes! They deserve way more credit in the states.


  1. HAIM


SW: You’re from the Valley. HAIM is from the Valley. Valley valley valley valley.


TL: Actually, HAIM used to play my elementary school’s fair and I did as well. The sisters used to play shows with their mom and dad.


SW: Days ARE gone. 


TL: Such a good record. Easily one of the most solid albums to come out this decade.


SW: I saw them at the Wiltern and they fucking shredded.


TL: They’re the real deal. Real songwriters. Real musicians. Unique AND nostalgic.


  1. Rush 


SW: Speaking of unique…


TL: What can you say about Rush?


SW: Time signatures?


TL: Calculus, bro.


SW: Rush makes good musicians feel worse about themselves. I back it.


TL: Very true. I caught their last show ever at the Forum in LA and it was face-melting. Unbelievable. I appreciate them so much more now.


  1. Bee Gees


SW: The recent documentary on Bee Gees was A LOT. Emotional. Gut wrenching. Harmonic.


TL: What stood out the most from that documentary was when Barry Gibb said that he would rather have his brothers back with no hits at all.


SW: Are you trying to make me cry? I’m just trying to stay alive.


TL: (laughs) Speaking of “Stayin Alive,” it’s easily one of the sickest riffs ever written.


SW: More than a woman?


TL: (nods) “Stayin Alive” takes the cake.


  1. Nirvana


SW: All apologies.


TL: Now this is an obvious choice.


SW: It doesn’t make it wrong, sir.


TL: True. Nirvana was the band that defined the 90s.


SW: And they still get a massive amount of love today. I’m happy.


TL: A true trend-setter band.


  1. Genesis


SW: Let’s get back to the beginning: GENESIS.


TL: I know that some people wouldn’t consider Genesis to be a trio, but I’m talking about the post-Gabriel years.


SW: Don’t @ him.


TL: Phil Collins somehow is one of the most iconic drummers with one of the most iconic voices ever.


SW: He may not be able to dance, but he can SANG.


TL: The “Land Of Confusion” video still gives me nightmares… but what a tune, eh?


  1. The Police


SW: This may be the penultimate power trio.


TL: I know that this band being three on this list may sting a little, Scott. 


SW: I’m the king of pain. I can take it.


TL: The Police define uniqueness. Stewart Copeland’s innovative drumming combined with Sting’s incredible vocals/bass playing combined further with Andy Summers’ ear candy guitar playing = SERIOUS VIBE


SW: “Serious vibe” is right. Every little thing they do is magic. 


TL: With every breath they take.


  1. The Jimi Hendrix Experience 


SW: Mic drop. Like all mics should be dropped after Hendrix plays guitar.


TL: Amen. I think we’re all playing guitar because of Hendrix.


SW: He’s a guitar hero for guitar heroes… And the other two dudes in the Experience deserve more fanfare as well! 


TL: 100%.


SW: We’re almost done and I’m very sad. I think I’ll listen to them right now.


TL: I didn’t hear what you just said. I hope that you don’t mind that I’ve been noshing on this little wing for a bit.


  1. Muse 


SW: Somehow I am proud and offended. ANYWAY, Muse is the shit and I support this listing. 


TL: Love it. I played Bonnaroo the same year that they headlined years ago. The group literally sounded larger than life. Top notch musicianship and vocals. Respect.