Last week marked a big step for the Tempe, Arizona band Sundressed. The band has been signed with Rude Records and alongside this announcement, they released a new song, “Home Remedy,” which was premiered on Brooklyn Vegan.

“‘Home Remedy’ really feels like the best introduction to the new era of Sundressed,” explains frontman Trevor Hedges.“It’s about getting better, together, through the community. Many of us don’t have health insurance or a lot of money, so we’ve had to find creative ways to solve or at least tolerate our problems. For me, Sundressed and the community we’ve built around us is my remedy.”

Living on such a chaotic planet, tossing and turning is inevitable. It’s hard to sleep in the midst of uncertainty. That’s why Sundressed was born. Trevor Hedges began this project in 2012 with the intention of keeping his sobriety. Eight years later, the bands’ mission has been refocused with the purpose of writing songs that tackle mental health issues for others to take solace in. His confessional lyrics and punk-infused melodies inspire hope in listeners to continue moving forward.

With new music coming from Sundressed, the band is determined to make a positive impact, one lyric at a time.