For their fans, Creeper are a sanctity; their aesthetic being a mix of dramatic theatrics and punk-rock gives fans an escape from the trials and tribulations of day-to-day life. The band also provides fans with a sense of community, a place where they can express their emotions without judgment and find some like-minded friends who are going through similar experiences.

Keeping this sense of community in mind, which is what fans need the most right now, Creeper decided that it was time to release their newest single, “All My Friends,” one of the most honest and revealing songs they have ever written.

“All My Friends” was never intended to be a single, but at a time when many people are struggling with mental health issues or being separated from friends and family, the sentiment is a timely reminder that we’re not alone. Alongside the single release, the band put out a video in which they filmed themselves while being in lockdown in the UK. 

The intimate and emotionally-charged piano ballad was written by frontman Will Gould and emerged at a tumultuous time for the band. While Gould was recording in Los Angeles, his best friend and guitarist Ian Miles had been sectioned and remained in hospital in England. As he began to lose hope for his friend’s recovery, it all spilled out into the song, which peaks with Gould’s painfully desperate admission: “I’m so sorry if I failed you / You know I love you so.” Gould was reluctant to share it with the band, but their reaction was such that it had to feature on the album.

“‘All My Friends’ was born from the void during our darkest of times,” says Gould. “The song was written late one night in Hollywood. I was left alone in the studio and found myself at the piano. it was such an honest expression that it almost felt too personal to release. Originally this song was not intended to have its own release, though in these unprecedented times and during Mental Health Awareness Week, it was our wish that it reach you now.”

This single is the only autobiographical track on their forthcoming second album “Sex, Death, and The Infinite Void,” which is a concept album loosely mirroring Goud’s life. 

“Sex, Death, and The Infinite Void” can be preordered here.