Me llamo Roberto y me gusta bailar

The boy band known as BROCKHAMPTON are just days away from releasing their alleged final album, but not before sharing one last single. “BOOGIE” hit the internet late Tuesday night and within and hour received over 50,000 plays. Click the clip at the top of the page to see what all the fuss is about.

BROCKHAMPTON will release Saturation III, their alleged final album, on December 15. We’re using the term ‘alleged’ here because the news came as a surprise to everyone – including members of the group (or so it seems) – when the album’s release was announced through the collective’s official Twitter on December 1. Two days later, after thousands of tweets and several blog posts from popular music sites, fellow BROCKHAMPTON member Dom McLennon raised further questions when he tweeted “Y’all want answers to everything and then be upset when nothing fun or surprising anymore let magic be magic.”

All that said, we would place money on the idea BROCKHAMPTON isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. The release of Saturation III will be followed by the group’s biggest and longest headlining tour to date at the top of 2018. Ticket sales are rumored to be incredibly good thus far, so the likelihood the group – who also live together – simply part ways and are never heard from again seems silly. It just makes no sense.

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