You just can’t keep a good Marshmello down

We don’t know Marshmello personally, but we’re willing to bet he could use a vacation. We rang in the new year by watching him perform at Decadence in Denver (one of three shows in three states he performed that night), and from that point until now it seems he has rarely – if ever – taken a moment away from his mission to dominate music. He’s currently the 9th largest artist in the world according to Spotify, and with his new video for “Take It Back” he’s likely to increase his following even further.

Set around the holidays, “Take It Back” finds Marshmello taking his new girlfriend home to meet his family. Everyone is there, from aunts and uncles, to grandma and grandpa. They’re also Marshmello (Marshmallow?) people, which Marshmello’s new girlfriend is not. It’s clear the young woman feels out of place at first, but thanks to the power of music she soon finds common ground with her potential future in-laws that is sure to warm your heart. You can view the video above.

Those following Marshmello’s career closely will know this is the second music video he has released in as many weeks, and the third he’s released in the last month (for “Wolves“). Marshmello also has a cooking series, which released a new episode as well. Check it out:

One has to wonder if Marshmello has even more planned for fans before the year is out. We know nothing, but our hopes are high. Follow Substream on Twitter for updates.