The days after a heartbreak are not the clearest time for us. Our brains are racing with everything that’s happened, and our heart feels like it’s been torn to shreds. Are we going to be fine? More than likely, yes. Does it feel that way in the moment? Absolutely not. It’s an interesting dynamic to explore, and it’s where Calgary artist Terez has found herself. To make it more impressive, she’s examining this balance on her first ever single, titled “La. La. La.” Substream is thrilled to premiere the track this afternoon and introduce the world to Terez.

“La. La. La.” is pure pop magic, starting with shimmering production and echoing finger snaps. We’re introduced to Terez in the midst of heartbreak, vivid images of tear-stained pillows filling the lyrics. Terez’s voice is perfect for pop, with a killer range and the ability to really drill into the emotion on any given word. This pairs well with her songwriting, which delivers a wide range of emotions. “But seeing you with her makes my want to throw up” is just a spectacularly blunt line, and the emphasis she puts on the last two words is instantly relatable and quite effective. The emotional journey she goes on from bitter to hopeful is impressive in its nuance, especially since it takes place in just three minutes. “La. La. La.” is a brilliant debut, and shows Terez has serious talent in all aspects of her process.

Terez took us through her journey writing the track, saying “‘La. La. La.’ was written from a place in me that is hard to express sometimes but is necessary when you’re hurting the most. I was going through a tough breakup (who are we kidding, all breakups suck), and finding a way to get this song out of me helped me get through and see the beauty in being human, and experiencing all there is to experience, both pain and love.”

You can listen to Terez’s debut single “La. La. La.” below.