PRETTYMUCH is the group we need in a post-One Direction world.

Where have all the boy bands gone? The trend of combining four to five distinct personalities and pairing them with undeniably catchy pop songs is cyclical in nature. Every five to ten years a new group of teen boys comes along to usher in a new wave of young music fans whose obsession with their sound launches the group into the stratosphere. It happened with New Kids On The Block, Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, One Direction, and now – just as the members of 1D have splintered into their various solo pursuits – the world has PRETTYMUCH, a new group for a new era in pop music.

If you’re unfamiliar with PRETTYMUCH right now, that’s perfectly understandable. Before today, September 29, the California based group had just one song on Spotify (the infectious “Would You Mind”). That song did some serious numbers in the streaming world, with over 7 million plays on Spotify alone, but that success will likely pale in comparison to what happens when the world become aware of their latest single, “Teacher”. Combining the tongue in cheek lyricism of “Would You Mind” with a more far more current sound, “Teacher” delivers a good boy with a bad attitude personality that is impossible to resist. You can stream the song, in full, at the top of this post.

The songs are there, as are the looks, so now seems like a good time to estimate just how long it takes for PRETTYMUCH to top the Billboard charts. Instinct tells us it will happen within six months time, but the group may need to tour or release additional singles before the world at large takes notice. In the meantime, please watch this a cappella performance of “Teacher” captured by fans in the days before the single’s official release:

A video for “Teacher” is expected to surface in the weeks ahead. Be sure to follow Substream on Twitter for updates on that, as well as everything else a new PRETTYMUCH fan could possibly need to know.