Rising artists Sammi Rae and Los Vegas have created an undeniable buzz in 2019 individually with their unbelievable sound and catchy music. Together for another great collaboration, the two stars unveil their dancing latest called “Baby Baila.”

An endless dance number, the song showcases more of the unbelievable chemistry between the two that was first shown in the original “Escapate“. Trading lyrics between lovers, the stars tell each other’s true passion as they yearn for one another between the beat. Sultry vocals, a spicy uptempo Reggaeton production and sing-a-long feel-good vibes are present from beginning to end.

Sammi Rae on Los Vegas:
“It has been amazing to work together. To collaborate with someone who has the same passion and dedication for music as I do. We are very excited for what’s to come and have a lot of new music coming soon.”

“Baby Baila” is available now via Sammi Rae and Los Vegas’ own imprint.

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