We’re almost a full month into 2017, which seems wild. Wasn’t Christmas yesterday? Time and music never cease though, which is good for us. 2017 has already shared with us a strong collection of indie-pop tracks, and there’s a new(ly discovered) contender in the mix vying for our attention. Los Angeles artist Ryder has entered the new year on a high note with her soaring new single, “Nirvana” (via Billboard).

Over snapping fingers and staccato synth flares, Ryder reaches for the sky, both in lyrical content and in pitch. “I’ve never been to Nirvana, I think you know what it is,” she sings, inviting the listener on an uplifting and enthralling journey of musical discovery. You can give the track a listen right here:

“The release is exciting for me because it feels like a door opening to more new things you will hear from me,” Ryder says via press release. “I’ve grown a lot in the last year as an artist and creator; I can’t wait to share that. I grew up around classical music and used to perform in choirs as a young kid, where I’d sing classical choral arrangements and folk music as well as a brief stint in opera. The hauntingly beautiful melodies and harmonic layers from those genres are inspiring motifs I try to constantly incorporate in my music wherever I can. ‘Nirvana’ to me is a blend of classical melodic moments with contemporary pop music.”

“Nirvana” will be officially released on February 17. Impressively, Ryder is releasing the track through her own record label, aptly dubbed Ryder Records. In the meantime, enjoy “Nirvana” and pre-order it here.