Is there anything that John Boyega can’t do? He stole our hearts as Finn in The Force Awakens, thrilled us in Attack The Block, and is set to pilot a giant robot in the Pacific Rim sequel. Boyega is a supremely gifted actor, and he’ll get a chance to show his chops in a more down-to-Earth, dramatic role in the upcoming Netflix movie Imperial Dreams.

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Netflix is describing the movie as a “gangster fairy tale,” and it follows Boyega as a father fresh out of prison trying to raise his son in the Imperial Courts area of Los Angeles. With both crime and racism staring him down, Boyega showcases the intense emotion that he can bring to any role, and the connection that he shares with his on-screen son is intense, real, and heartwarming, even in the brief two minutes we see in the trailer. Watch it for yourself:

Imperial Dreams was written and directed by Malik Vitthal. The film will start streaming on Netflix next Friday, February 3.