You might remember Frances from last summer when we covered her emotionally charged ballad, “Say It Again.” Take a minute to refresh yourself on it…

Now that you’re back and in the proper emotional state, we’re thrilled to share that the U.K. singer has announced the release date for her very first full-length album. The record, titled Things I’ve Never Said, is set for release on March 17 and will include “Say It Again” and her more recent single, “No Matter,” which you can listen to below. The sunny, upbeat, dance-inducing track contains production from Mojam, who has previously done work with Sam Smith.

“I wrote ‘No Matter’ when I’d just moved to London,” says Frances. “Coming from a small town and moving to the capital was overwhelming and exciting; [there are] so many people from all over the world in this one beautiful city, living their lives and following their dreams. In those first few weeks I met so many people from so many different places, and I realised that we don’t just share a city, we share our humanity.”

Things I’ve Never Said is being released through Cookie Records, and can be pre-ordered through the platform of your choosing here.

Things I’ve Never Said track listing:
1. Don’t Worry About Me
2. Love Me Again
3. Drifting
4. Cloud 9
5. Let It Out
6. No Matter
7. Under Our Feet
8. Grow
9. Say It Again
10. Sublime
11. The Last Word
12. When It Comes To Us
13. It Isn’t Like You
14. Cry Like Me
15. Borrowed Time
16. The Smallest Thing