It’s not always clear where the creative arts will lead us when we start working on something. Any artist can tell you that sometimes a project that started with a clear end point will wind up heading somewhere completely different. That wide range of possible outcomes is what makes art exciting, though. Austin songwriter Jane Ellen Bryant isn’t afraid to explore with her music. The result of that exploration is the EP Let Me Be Lost, a project where Bryant showcases a huge variety of sounds and styles. We’re thrilled to have the premiere of Let Me Be Lost here today.

Each track on Let Me Be Lost is an adventure in a new direction. Opener “Take Me As I Am” is a dark and eerie indie-rock jam with a groovy sliding hook. It’s immediately followed by “Attention,” an in-your-face blast that combines a decidedly pop hook with a full-bodied arena rock guitar and assertiveness. These are balanced out by the country trappings of “Too Smooth” and the excellent ballad “If I Loved You.” Let Me Be Lost‘s title track is a gem as well, a big and moving pop extravaganza that will no doubt move you. Bryant delivers each of these sounds with pitch-perfect precision and a deep understanding of the sounds she’s working with.

Bryant put a ton of thought into the concepts behind Let Me Be Lost, saying “While deciding which songs to record last year, I made a vision board out of pictures and watercolors to try and help find which new songs of mine would best fit with one another. I ended up choosing a little bit of everything. Within these five tunes, you’ll hear pop, rock, folk and more. I love it all. I’ve always wanted a dynamic show, with songs people can dance to and cry to. The common thread throughout it all to me is the vulnerable person behind the song. Each track tells a part of my story. I chose'”Let Me Be Lost’ as the title track because I think it best encompasses where I am at in life; selfishly chasing this crazy dream and attempting to find myself every step of the way.”

You can stream all of Let Me Be Lost below. We also asked Jane Ellen Bryant to walk us through each track of the new EP. After the jump, you can read what went into all five tracks as you listen along.

Take Me as I Am
“This song reflects the beginning of a relationship, before you really know which way things will settle. It really opened the door for a more digital pop movement in my sound. I was very influenced by Phantogram, Sylvan Esso and St. Vincent at the time.”

“‘Attention’ has taken me on a adventure this year! It was a bold new direction for me as a songwriter. The music video was another leap of faith. I decided to chase an idea that seemed totally nuts from start to finish! It has certainly grabbed people’s attention so far.”

Too Smooth
“I wrote and documented this song on my way home to Austin from Dallas last fall. It was not the safest way to drive, but inspiration sometimes comes at the most inconvenient times. We added it as a last minute addition to the EP. It has since become one of my favorites.”

If I Loved You
“This song taught me the importance of saying no. I heard the chorus of the song in a dream during an afternoon nap. The rest flowed out later that day. It became the last piece of a puzzle to relationship that had shifted back and forth for a long time. I knew I wanted a ballad to be included in this batch of songs. This one felt just right with only strings and piano.”

Let Me Be Lost
“I watched the movie Selena the evening before I sat down to work on this song. I was attempting to create an inspirational pop song for an upcoming TV show. I think somehow Selena was captured in the sounds of my keyboard from the early 90s. The TV show never came to be, but I’m glad it gave me a reason to write that day. Months later this song took on a new meaning. To me it is about the journey of selfishly chasing your dreams. It can be long road that even people closest to you do not understand.”