From across the pond, UK alt-pop/electronic singer, Salt Ashes (Veiga Sanchez) has released her latest single+ music video “counting crosses.” 

counting crosses features Salt Ashes signature dark songs and melodies with a zeitgeist club sound, all of which is inspired by Giorgio Moroder’s blend of disco and epic dark atmospheres. 

counting crosses takes Salt Ashes unique synth-pop sound to the next level. This track delivers some of her strongest vocal performances to date and blends her dance/electronic influences with dark atmospheres and introspective lyrics, counting crosses is a worthy entry into the alt-pop/electronic pantheon.

When it comes to “counting crosses” as the title track of the EP, Salt Ashes says “My artist friend Rosanne Lewis and I got home at 3 AM after a night out and we messed around on one of my synths in my bedroom and this fell out of us.”

“We demoed it there and then I whispered the vocals out so we didn’t wake up our housemates. We stayed up until 7 AM finishing it because we were so hyped. Louis Souyave produced it and brought it to life. I’ve never had someone so ‘in my head’ who understood exactly what I want more than he did. It was very collaborative too which makes me even more in love with the record as a whole.”

counting crosses is out now via OK! Good Records and can be listened to on all streaming platforms.