Until We Get Caught has signed with InVogue Records. They also released their label-debut single “Ghost,” as well as a music video. This is the first single off of their upcoming EP, which is slated to drop this summer.

When asked about the meaning behind their new single, they said “Ghost is not just a song, but an anthem. An anthem that shows you that no matter the struggle you face in life, you can and will always get back up and push through it all.”


Hailing from Staten Island, NY, the 5-piece metalcore band is comprised of Aleks Gershman (unclean vocals), Chris Brady (clean vocals), Ricardo Garcia (guitar), Dino Zawadski (bass guitar), and Chris Petrocchi (drums).

Until We Get Caught formed in the late summer of 2014. After 2 releases as a pop-punk band, they have completely overhauled their sound to a more dark, gritty metalcore vibe that they like to call “Whatever-Core.”

Stream Ghost on your favorite streaming platform: https://orcd.co/uwgcghost

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