The Grammy Award-nominated rock band NEEDTOBREATHE have just announced the plans to release their new album, Out of Body, later this year via Elektra Records. The album will be their follow-up to 2016’s H A R D L O V E.

NEEDTOBREATHE introduced the album with two singles today, that directly reflect the band‘s incredibly dynamic sound. The first, “Hang On,” is an arena-ready single with an incredible chorus and sweeping guitars over a massive beat.

“Sometimes it’s nice to look back and reminisce on some of the best parts of growing up: when you were a kid and there were no limits in the world, when you first fell in love, or when you first left your small town for something new,” NEEDTOBREATHE share. “It’s good to look back to those moments and grab hold of that energy. ‘Hang On’ is about taking the magic of going through life for the first time and believing it can happen again. I think it’s a refreshing way to view the world in these tough times.”

The second single released, “Seasons,” rests on the opposite end of the band’s sonic spectrum, while remaining just as hopeful. I’s a heartfelt ballad that culminates in a reassuring message from lead vocalist/guitarist, Bear Rinehart, “We’re in for nasty weather / I’ll ride it out with you.”

Check out the two new singles below.