After wrapping up their shows celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their record Nothing Personal, All Time Low began teasing fans on the release of new music and what would come next.

The band teased fans through teasers online, and essentially blacked out all of their social media. Today, All Time Low finally released a new song called “Some Kind of Disaster,” making it all worth the wait. It is the first taste of new music since 2018’s “Birthday” and “Everything is Fine.”

All Time Low had this to say via Facebook on the new single,

The Young Renegades are no more…

Reintroducing your favorite disaster, All Time Low. We took a step away for a minute- did some growing, did some soul searching, some healing… Now we’re back and ready to be all yours again, our battle scars worn proudly, and our hair looking better than ever. (it’s best if you just agree).

We’ve missed you all so much and we’re so excited for what comes next. Feels like we’ve been keeping secrets from you for way too long… Been hard to keep our mouths shut, honestly.

It’s a song and dance we’ve done a thousand times before, but this one feels extra-good. Besides, it’s never the same dance twice. Hope you dig this new song as much as we do… After all, it’s all for you.”

Listen to the song for yourself below.

It has yet to be announced when a new album from All Time Low will be coming, but it seems like a safe bet that it will be sooner rather than later.