The Blonde Tongues is made up of members from a handful of Floridian projects (Gouge Away, Northbound) but that’s not what makes this manic dream-pop band something that you need to pay attention to. Choosing to move as far as humanly possible from the already conquered worlds of post-hardcore and pop-punk, the members of The Blonde Tongues found their home in the grooves of psychedelic dream-punk. The band holed themselves up in a groggy, windowless basement in Savannah, GA and cut the entirety of their debut live, and that frantic kind of kinetic energy comes through in the waves of chunky distorted guitar carry you through in this five-song collection of fuzzed-out pop songs called Anxiety Dream.

“Joy Dealer” is the most psychedelic of the songs to make Anxiety Dream, the riffs are dense and syrupy enough that you find yourself almost frozen in place as the warmth of the crunchy vocals washes over you. The video is a manic fever-dream– purposely distorted clips awash with bright colors and kaleidoscopic patterns make for an experience that is equal parts head-trip and visual euphoria.

“Swerve” is straight-up Ramone’s style fuzz-punk. Wave after wave of distorted guitar smacks you in the face before you’re hit with the kind of vocal melody that clings to your skull like a leech, sucking away at you until you can’t help but to cave in and sing-along. The video is a hodge-podge of recycled clips that join hands in harmonious glory around the chaotic energy of the song in order to create something that is distinctly The Blonde Tongues.

When asked about the tracks, The Blonde Tongues said: “Like everything else we have done, the videos were made in true DIY fashion. “Swerve” is a melting pot of repurposed shoe and sock commercials while visually and sonically “Joy Dealer” highlights our psychedelic side. These videos are intended to show just how far a rock band can push the envelope.”

Watch and listen to “Joy Dealer” and “Swerve” below.

Anxiety Dream is out April 13th.