Jed Fuchs is a buddy. Jed Fuchs makes great videos for greater brands. Jed Fuchs is the the new co-host for Waldman’s Words on idobi Radio. And, most importantly, Jed Fuchs is a hardcore Dance Gavin Dance fan; I couldn’t think of a better human to write this piece with. Here is our 100% subjective list ranking DGD’s studio album catalog.

Eight crazy nights:

  1. Downtown Battle Mountain (2007)

SW: I’m going to slide into your DMs with a DBM.

JF: Or a BM.

SW: I won’t drop one.

JF: This is Dance Gavin Dance’s first full length. The band started its career off with an extremely original and multifaceted presentation.

SW: “Lemon Meringue Tie” is still a sick song. Respect.

  1. Happiness (2009)

JF: I respect this album’s tongue-in-Gavin title, and the fact that the band truly explored its expansive diorama of musical influences.

SW: Happiness is finding a pencil.

JF: Happiness is a warm gun.

SW: Dance Beatle Dance.

JF: Easily the band’s sexiest album…

SW: My wife disagrees but I love it like a milkshake.

  1. Acceptance Speech (2013)

JF: Thick.

SW: That’s a weird way to start your ACCEPTANCE SPEECH! (pauses) Hello?

JF: Is this thing on? (taps mic)

SW: Jiggle it. Get it? Like “The Jiggler”? Get it? (pauses) Hello?


SW: Is this thing on?

JF: First Tillian album… Buckle up, dancers.

SW: Turn off the lights, I’m watching Back To The Future, pt. Two.

  1. Mothership (2016)

JF: Second Tillian mention… Dancers, you still buckled?

SW: Here comes the winner!

JF: Winner is coming.

SW: Game of moms.

JF: Speaking of moms, this album clearly marks Dance Gavin Dance’s entrance into the larger public consciousness.

SW: Jed, I’m feeling really exposed. Stop with your deception and do your best NOT to inspire the liars.

JF: Scott, you’re a real man of the year. That’s all I’m gonna say.

  1. Dance Gavin Dance (2008)

SW: Say what you wanna say and let the words fall out. Honestly, I wanna see you be brave.

JF: (completely ignores him) They say uneasy hearts weigh the most.



SW: Quick question, bruh. What do the fans call this record?

JF: Deathstar, baby.

SW: Let’s blow it up, baby.

  1. Downtown Battle Mountain II (2011)

JF: In a two night event, this is the most shocking conclusion of the DBM saga.

SW: The Saga Continues.

JF: The Saga ContinJEWS.

SW: (laughing uncontrollably)

JF: Thank jew.

SW: More rapping. More heaviness. THUG CITY.

JF: Word.

SW: As an English major, I found it extremely clever that the Dance Gavin Dance camp chose to close this full-length with a song called “Purple REIGN.”

JF: Words.

  1. Instant Gratification (2015)

SW: I’ll be honest (like often), this was the first DGD album that I truly “got”.

JF: Instant gratification?

SW: Yes. And yes.

JF: Right! Would you say it was something new for you?

SW: I can’t hear you. Something jew for me?

JF: We’re Jews. We own (Hollywood and) the night.

SW: Stroke God…

JF: (cutting him off) Ok, shark dad.

  1. Artificial Selection (2018)

SW: Artificial?


Jed and I appreciate the fact that you either made it through this entire list willy nilly or skipped right to this sterling conclusion. Here is a playlist containing one song from each record. You are rock solid.