If you want some of the most beautiful views in the universe, outer space is the way to go. From breathtaking galaxies to the wonders of our planetary neighbors (RIP Opportunity Rover), you can find some stunning inspiration out there. That inspiration has been used for everything from novels to video games. New York-based American-Bangladeshi R&B artist Rahmaan has taken inspiration as well. Earlier this month he released the electronically-tinged jam “wrth,” using tender lyrics and smooth deliver to implore his partner to tell him what he is “worth.” Today Rahmaan takes that message to the stars with the music video for “wrth,” premiering on Substream this morning.

The video for “wrth” begins and ends in the same place, a desert in some distant universe full of half-buried statues, glowing orbs, and an open gateway to the unknown. The camera moves forward as if we’re on some sort of guided tour of the farthest reaches of what’s possible. As it passes through the gate, we’re greeted by brightly colored wormholes and swirling galactic backgrounds. We’re also greeted by loving sculptures and beings representing Hindi gods, towering over the outer reaches of space. The video was directed by Jordan Chappell, who did an incredible job bringing a sense of wonder and scale to the proceedings.

Rahmaan is thrilled about how the video turned out. He says “This video details the Hindu god Ganesh and goddess Kali, as well as divine feminine energy in itself, with an inter-dimensional twist that drags the viewer into space. I wanted to create this visual with Jordan to illustrate what goes through my mind when I see or think about my other half.”

Step out into the universe and watch the video for “wrth” below.