Working through complex emotions with the catchy lyrics and beats that make you move, Graystar delivers a surprisingly fresh sound on “Hazy.”

Working through complex emotions with the catchy lyrics and beats that will make you move, Graystar delivers a fresh sound to alternative music fans with “Hazy.”

Please tell me what you really want to do with your life. I’m not talking about the thing you say to your parents or friends when they ask about your aspirations. Tell me a thing that you want to do, but don’t because you believe other people might think it’s weird or silly. Maybe you’re a firefighter who dreams of becoming a poet. Perhaps you’re a data analyst that spends every night painting. Whatever the answer is for you, think of that thing and ask yourself: Why am I holding myself back?

I don’t know what my thing is off the top of my head. Making a fool of myself in front of people while figuring out who I am is part of who I am. One of the first lessons I learned is that you never get anywhere without making a few mistakes, so I became comfortable making them in the public eye. You wouldn’t want to do something that didn’t present any challenges, right?

But I know deep down there are unrealized dreams that sit on a shelf in my soul, hoping to one day occur. I rarely think of these ideas, but recently, I came across an artist who has found a way to be their authentic self. They don’t have a catalog of hits behind them or a giant label at their side, but none of that is preventing them from showing the world their talent. It may be a little unorthodox, and it certainly won’t be for everyone, but that isn’t holding the artist in question back from chasing their wildest dreams.

Graystar is the brainchild of Grayson Sanford, a lifelong music fan whose world burst open after receiving his deceased uncle’s music collection. The records that Grayson discovered because of this gift exposed him to the worlds of classic rock, disco, jazz, and countless ideas in between. Anytime before the Internet, a gift like this was like discovering buried treasure. Grayson was able to not only learn about artists and sounds he found in those records, but he could dig deeper into those he enjoyed and learn about the artists that inspired them. Grayson learned the history of music throughout this process, which left him with a desire to play a role in its future.

“Hazy” is Grayson’s first single as Graystar. It’s a light and upbeat offering about escaping the woes of a world that is constantly on fire. Rather than let the planet destroy us, Graystar argues the need for long rides and slow pulls from fat joints to help ease the worries of a chaotic existence. Check out the pop culture obsessed video for the song below.

In a way, “Hazy” is the perfect song for this exact moment in history.

Countless up-and-coming artists view their first single as a platform to tell their entire story, and in doing so, forget to entertain. Those musicians are so wrapped up in telling us about themselves that they overlook making us care. Graystar’s approach is different. Rather than becoming yet another caucasian man telling us about his struggles in the world, Graystar wants to celebrate life. After a year of living in isolation due to fear and uncertainty, “Hazy” argues that we have earned a collective break. We need to allow ourselves to have fun and remember what it’s like to not fret over every little thing that happens. 

If Graystar can help people relax, then I no doubt those same people will listen to whatever stories he cares to share. His decision to put fans first converted me the first time “Hazy” hit the Substream inbox, and it’ll do the same for you. 

More importantly, “Hazy” also reminds us to chase what excites us. Graystar had to make this song. Otherwise, no music like this one would exist. It didn’t matter whether or not people got it; he had to make it. If you feel called to do something, regardless of how silly or crazy it may sound, you should see it through. Have fun, and please, don’t hurt anyone.