Over the Summer, a stunning love interest plays games with rising duo hearts while she walks across the sand in the new visual for the new hit “Blendor.”

Directed by Breadwin Deville, Florida rappers Yo Simi and Dredloc Esco tells the story of the “same girl” with the two rapping about the unconditional love they have for the deceiving woman. While they shower her with praise, her charming ways earn her shopping sprees whenever her heart desires. She hypnotizes the two with her curvaceous frame and undeniable beauty lying on the beach. This is a must-see video for any newfound fan.

“Blendor” follows the duo’s previous hit, “Dummy.” The duo’s new music is a collaborative effort is to show a sense of unity between races. “Blendor” and “Dummy” are expected to appear on the duo’s forthcoming collaborative project this Fall. And with each of them having their own separate fan base and regional notoriety, the alliance only made sense. The upcoming project will introduce the duo as the new group, Color Blind.

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Take a look at the new visual from Yo Simi and Dredloc Esco below.