G-Eazy and Ty Dolla $ign
Northerly Island // Chicago, IL // August 14th, 2018

Hip-hop goes Hollywood on the Endless Summer Tour.

Chicago’s concert-goers were still recovering from Lollapalooza when G-Eazy and Ty Dolla $ign rolled into town, but that didn’t stop them from going absolutely nuts for the Endless Summer Tour. Northerly Island was packed on Tuesday night as the two hip-hop sensations performed some of their most well-known songs. Ty Dolla $ign, a self-proclaimed R&B singer rather than rapper, started off his set by lighting a massive joint and passing it out to the crowd. The 33-year old L.A. native has a distinct West Coast vibe to his music (his favorite artist is 2Pac) and draws in a distinctly younger crowd than many of his counterparts. His energy throughout the set was palpable, especially when he jumped offstage to get up close and personal with his fans. Although most of the fans in the back couldn’t see him in the crowd, Ty Dolla $ign held his mic up, and dozens of elated girls’ screams radiated over the speakers.

G-Eazy’s performance felt more like a pop star than a rapper, but for all the right reasons. From wardrobe changes to giant set pieces, he kept the audience captivated while delivering the songs his fans know and love. It’s refreshing to see an artist play up to their strengths, and G-Eazy uses flashy set pieces and bright lights to showcase his ability to dominate the stage alone. His newest collaborations have been massive successes, including his feature on Vic Mensa’s new song “Reverse”. For his Chicago show, he started out with his single “Pray For Me”, a raw look at Hollywood and the fears that come with fame. G-Eazy has taken a fair share of flack for some of his lyrics, but his album The Beautiful and Damned is a pretty powerful statement to the rapper’s writing abilities. He kept the energy up all night in Chicago, and he’ll no doubt come back to an ever bigger crowd next time.

The Endless Summer Tour continues in the Northeast. Tickets are on sale HERE.

Ty Dolla $ign