Old Dominion have announced the details for their long awaited and highly anticipated new album. The album will be self-titled and will be released on October 25th. Pre orders are currently live here.

In addition with the album news and pre-order, Old Dominion have released a brand new single called “My Heart Is a Bar.”

Old Dominion frontman Matthew Ramsey said of the song, “’My Heart is a Bar’ might be the loneliest sing-a-long of all time. It’s a song about feeling alone and used and pissed off at love to the point of throwing up your hands and saying ‘screw this!’ That’s a feeling a lot of people can identify with. It’s lonely and liberating at the same time. That’s why we decided to treat this like a big bar-room-sing-along so we can all sing and say ‘screw this!’ together!”


old dominion self artwork


  1. Make It Sweet
  2. Smooth Sailing
  3. One Man Band
  4. Never Be Sorry
  5. My Heart Is a Bar
  6. Midnight Mess Around
  7. Do It With Me
  8. Hear You Now
  9. I’ll Roll
  10. American Style
  11. Paint the Grass Green
  12. Some People Do