The notion of going back to childhood is a common one. The appeal isn’t hard to see. As children, most of us did not have much in the way of major responsibilities, allowing us to focus on having fun and simply enjoying life. Relationships were simpler, the world was simpler, and it seemed like there were no cares we had to worry ourselves about. British pop artist Lostchild has found himself thinking about those days. He reminisces about those days and his experience growing up as a queer man on “Like Like,” his new electro-pop track which dropped along with an EP of the same name last Friday. Today, he’s sharing the music video for the song, premiering right here on Substream.

Like the rest of the art around the Like Like EP and the track, the “Like Like” video focuses heavily on color to tell a story. As Lostchild enters the staircase where most of the video takes place, the contrast between the colors of the outside world and the bright pink interior is enormous. The blue balloons he carries also stand out against such a vibrant background. As he sorts through his feelings and looks back at his youth, he dances his way through the staircase and other brightly-colored locations. The final shot is another magnificent use of contrast in the visuals. If there’s ever been a music video that brilliantly uses color in its visuals to tell a story, “Like Like” is it.

Lostchild told us about the inspiration behind the song and the video, saying:

“’Like Like’ is about watching everyone around you figure out their lives and loves out, whilst you can’t seem to put the pieces together. My fear of rejection and failure has definitely kept me from leaving the self-destructive behaviours of my past behind, and this song stems from that feeling of powerlessness. In the video I’m carrying balloons through a colourful pink space, which very much represents my safe little bubble away from the world. I never let go of the balloons, and at the end instead of releasing the balloons off the roof when I’ve got the chance, I take one look at the horizon and head right back inside. It’s a simple childlike video that takes place in my head, a place where I can dance and have fun… but I’m the only one ever there.”

You can watch the video for “Like Like” below. Like Like the EP dropped last Friday, and you can listen to it here.