Platinum-selling FRENSHIP’s newest single, “Wanted A Name,” featuring Yoke Lore has garnered a lot of positive response and now, we get to see a new video for the track. The video includes actress Millicent Simmonds (A Quiet PlaceWonderstruck) who is deaf, delivering a powerful performance in the track through American Sign Language.

“She really brought the video to life and highlighted the Deaf community in a way that we are so happy to be a part of,” says FRENSHIP, “It’s really cool seeing two languages play out on screen-ASL and English, one seen and one heard. This video is about the co-existence of those two languages and bringing the deaf music experience to a wider audience.”

For the video, Simmonds says, “”I hope this video gives people some insight into how Deaf people feel about music and how we experience music. Music can be visual as well as audible. I love this song and am so honored that FRENSHIP asked me to be a part of it.”

Check out the clip below.