Pop artist Iris has had a good year in 2019. A number of singles, acoustic takes, and videos have all showcased her talents. Her most recent single, “Stars,” was released in September and is suitably atmospheric and expansive. Today she shared the music video for the track, and it follows suit in its artistry.

Much of the video finds Iris in bed contemplating as she performs “Stars.” The entire video was shot on 8mm, giving the video an intimate and artistic feel to it. Also helping the artistic feeling is the spectacular scenery and architecture that fills the video. The visuals were shot in various locations around the globe, giving it a well-travelled vibe.

Describing the video, Iris says “This video was a dream to make. I had this trip planned for a while and knew that I would never get another chance to film in such beautiful locations so I packed all my film and camera and took any opportunity to capture the beauty of the south of France and Spain. When you truly love someone that love never dies – it just lives somewhere else and continues on in that space and time.”

Check out the video for “Stars” below.