There are different levels of breakups. Some breakups are amicable and agreed upon, and both parties go on their way none the worse for wear. Others result in curling up on the couch and binge-watching Netflix shows while sobbing into comfort food. And others still push people into states of deep self-reflection, transforming how they feel about themselves, relationships, and the world around them. The latter applies to Taxman on her new single “Pressure,” which recently premiered on It also applies as a whole to her upcoming EP Chromatic.

Over a series of finger snaps and the smoothest groove you’re liable to hear this week, Taxman weaves her tale. She’s unhappy with her partner, as he’s a wishy-washy mess. On the chorus, she reveals that she can see the potential in him, but his inability to grow into who he can be has left her frustrated. The lyrics are highly relatable, and the music will keep bringing you back to absorb every aspect of the track.

Give “Pressure” a listen below. Chromatic is set for release on November 17 and is actually the first of two EPs that Taxman will release in the coming months. The second EP is set for release in early 2018.