John O’Callaghan may perhaps be best known as the frontman of The Maine, but that has never stopped him from putting out some solo music over the past few years. O’Callaghan debuted the moniker John The Ghost back in 2016, when he released his debut solo EP, Sincerely, John the Ghost.

Since then, he’s been largely busy with The Maine as they’ve released three full-length records and toured the world and back. However, now he is gearing up to release his debut full-length record as John The Ghost, I ONLY WANT TO LIVE ONCE, on February 12th via 8123 Records.

What started out as a single song, turned into 3, turned into 7, which all turned into my debut 9 song album,” O’Callaghan explains. He has previously released singles, “Rolled Down Window” and “Live Once” ahead of time, and now another single has come from John the Ghost: “Drive.”

Alongside the announcement comes a brand new John The Ghost merchandise line, including pre-order bundles for fans wanting to collect the new album on vinyl. O’Callaghan shed some light on the record’s name by stating, “A friend of mine interpreted the title, ‘I ONLY WANT TO LIVE ONCE,’ as a negative, when in reality I meant for it to highlight my lust for life. Live today because you live once.