Frankie Cosmos album Vessel is set to be released this Friday from Sub Pop Records. The band’s third studio album is 18-tracks long and can be streamed now on Sub Pop’s YouTube channel here.

Additionally, Frankie Cosmos released a new music video for “Jesse,” which can be seen at the top of this post. The video evokes feelings of childhood nostalgia as the band is seen playing with goo by cutting it up, ripping it apart, and even doing some juggling. They also stomp out some toy cars and give the camera a haircut.

Vocalist, Greta Kline said, “For the video for ‘Jesse,’ we were inspired by ASMR and slime culture. We wanted the song to be paired with mesmerizing and satisfying imagery. It turned into a marathon of playing with toys and goo.”

The band also has upcoming tour dates which you can check out here.