The Maine’s John O’Callaghan first unveiled his side project John the Ghost back in 2016. The project was debuted with his Sincerely, John the Ghost EP and showed a different side to the energetic frontman.

After keeping fans waiting for years, O’Callaghan has officially released new music under the John the Ghost moniker, “Rolled Down Window.” It’s a standalone single that is a sharp change of pace from the previous music released, showcasing a much peppier, upbeat direction while keeping the same introspective relatability from earlier music.

Of the new track, O’Callaghan explains the tempo shift, “This song is an open letter to my past. It’s probably not the sound you expected, but since you last heard from me so many unexpected things happened in my life. I gave my heart away for good and for the first time in a long time started to feel better. I hope it makes you feel any type of way. Enjoy.”

You can find the new single for yourself below.