To grow is to change, and in the world of entertainment every change comes with a unique set of challenges both for the person changing and their audience. There is risk to change that doesn’t necessarily align with smart business practices, but artists of any kind will tell you creativity without risk isn’t really creativity at all. You have to be willing to put it all on the line if you want to do anything worthwhile, and that is precisely what Celldweller has done with the new track, “The Great Divide”.

Taken from Offworld, Celldweller’s fourth vocal-based studio album, “The Great Divide” is a deeply moving track that is a world removed from the sound Celldweller fans have come to expect. The project departs from the signature sound of aggressive guitars, blasting beats and ass-kicking intensity to deliver a journey of sentimental feels and emotionally gripping tracks, showcasing the intimate song-writing side of project mastermind, Klayton. You can experience the song, along with its incredible lyric video, at the top of this page.

When asked about the inspiration and process of writing Offworld, Klayton had this to say:

“Winter. At it’s heart, winter is the season I find myself gravitating towards listening to more emotive & melancholy music. One winters night I found myself in my studio, lights dimmed low, playing with a guitar and a new piece of software. I started plucking out the notes that would eventually become “How Little I Must Know.” Lyrics and vocals came together quickly and I soon had a short song finished, but wasn’t quite sure where it fit. Thus begun the development of the idea to make a whole album that had a specific feel, and for me captured the essence of the music I loved to listen to during earth’s perihelion.”

Celldweller will release Offworld on July 28. Preorders for the record are available now.