Boston-based band Pastimes–consisting of Adam Comer (vocals, guitar), Adam Spaziani (bass), Chris Ponder (guitar) and Jericho Grillo (drums)–are the product of a lifetime of emo and pop punk influences, and their new EP, Keep It On The Outside, is the perfect example of that, fusing elements of modern pop punk with emo rock.

Today, we are excited to bring you the premiere of the band’s music video for “Hemisphere.” Directed, edited and shot by Taylor Rambo, the video follows a man who can’t seem to shake his past and eventually must come to terms with it.

When asked about the direction for the video, Grillo said:

“We had this video concept for a long time. The underlying idea for it was that the girl is stuck in the guy’s head. You see in the video that she is trying to get through to him while he is trying to shut her out. As he goes about his life, she is with him every step of the way. He finally decides to turn and face what he has been ignoring for so long.”

Watch the video above and Be sure to keep up with the band on Facebook.