Pop powerhouse duo REYNA has shared the music video for “The Way I Loved You.” The track is a breathe of fresh pop air and perfectly soundtracks the drama-fueled video. Directed by Savannah Ziemann and Conor Tarnowski, the video pays homage to REYNA’S Mexican heritage through visuals highly inspired by traditional Mexican Telenovelas. The finished product is campy, entertaining, and with solar flares and heightened dramatics, it successfully accomplishes the desired aesthetic. Of the video, REYNA says:

“Growing up our parents would always let us stay up late to watch Telenovelas with them and then we would grab a camera and act out our favorite Telenovela scenes. Those are such fond memories for us and we still watch Telenovelas to this day – it is one of the ways that we continue to stay in touch with our culture. For this video, we wanted to pay tribute to all of those nights spent on the couch watching Telenovelas with our parents. It was so insanely fun to be dramatic and glamorous for a day. 

We have been thinking a lot about being first generation Mexican American kids and how that affected us growing up. Growing up Hispanic in America can be alienating, sometimes you start to feel like a ghost. You feel like you don’t belong anywhere, you never feel fully American because you talk kind of funny and you never feel one hundred percent Hispanic because you grew up living as an American. Being from El Paso, Texas we would like to dedicate this video to all of our Latinx brothers and sisters. Everything feels a bit scary and hopeless right now but at least we have each other.”

Formerly recognized under the moniker Vic and Gab, REYNA is Vic and Gabby Banuelos. The sister duo is currently back in the studio preparing for the release of their debut EP.

Check out the video below: