If we weren’t privy to the fact that they just recently started out, we’d believe you if you told us that The Rose Monarch were headlining rock festivals and selling out huge venues. They have the sound for it, both in quality and depth. We’ve made the comparison before, but it’s apt: The Rose Monarch possess the same qualities that have made bands like Paramore and PVRIS such massive influences and we won’t be surprised to see TRM follow down a similar path of success. Need a reason to believe us? Just listen to the band’s newest single, “Cobwebs.”

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“‘Cobwebs’ is the first song we wrote as The Rose Monarch,” says vocalist April Rose Gabrielli. “It’s got an anthemic, bombastic, and unapologetic sound that’s centered around mourning the loss of someone’s potential. The song embodies the true essence of our sound and we hope you enjoy!”

“Cobwebs” will be officially released tomorrow, January 27. You can follow the band on Facebook, Twitter, and their website for more information and new material as it arrives.