If the name Drew Thomson sounds familiar to you, it’s probably because you’ve heard one of the hundred bands this dude is in. Arguably one of the most prolific songwriters of this current crop, it’s unclear if Thomson grasps the concept of taking a break. When he’s not fronting the chaotic art project that is Single Mothers or putting out some of the most endearing hip-hop under the ANDY* monicker, he’s the mastermind behind a love-letter to pop-rock that he’s calling The Drew Thomson Foundation. That project is finally gearing up to release their self-titled album on Dine Alone Records after stringing us along with four absolutely brilliant singles in the first half of the year.

Today, I couldn’t be more excited to share the fifth and final single from The Drew Thomson Foundation with y’all. “Barbed Wire” borrows some of the angst from Thomson’s other projects and channels it into a song about feeling like you’re stuck somewhere between who you are right now and who you feel like you’re supposed to be. It’s the pent up adrenaline that comes from questioning every decision you make because you don’t if you’re making the right choice. When asked about the song, Thomson says: “Barbed wire is a song I wrote thinking about how weird it is to keep getting older but not feeling like you’re growing up. It’s a small bracket of time, those ‘in-between’ years, and I’ve found myself caught in them now wondering how someone is supposed to act who’s life has diverted from their peer group and is finding it hard to relate.”

You can stream “Barbed Wire” below. The track comes from their new self-titled record out September 6th on Dine Alone Records.