The Stash is a five-piece band hailing from Beacon, New York, and are quickly emerging as an up-and-coming act in the pop realm. The band really finds their fitting in this genre, maybe where some new artists are directly afraid to go, but it plays well to their strengths as creatives.

The Stash put together incredibly well-balanced pop/rock songs, taking advantage of vocalist Christian Evanko’s smooth vocal delivery, while sprinkling in masterfully placed melodies. While they have only released a string of successful singles thus far, their single “I Can’t Feel” was premiered on Buzzfeed and even garnered attention from Idobi Radio.

Now, with momentum on their side, The Stash is ready to take the next step in their exciting career. The band has signed with Anchor Eighty Four Records, joining an impressive resume of artists for the label. Not only that, but the band is celebrating the news of their announcement by releasing a new single, “Run Into Me,” tomorrow, May 10th.

However, Substream is excited to be teaming up with the band to debut the single a day early here.

“Once we had figured out what the concept of the song was going to be, we then worked backwards, making sure the music was in direct conversation with the initial intent. By knowing ahead of time what we wanted to say, we feel the message permeates through each layer of the process,” Evanko shares. “’Run Into Me’ is a song about finally being over it. People will come and people will go, but if you stay stuck in the same place for too long all you’ll have to show for yourself is wasted time. This song came out of the fear of not letting those thoughts win!”

If you like what you hear from The Stash and “Run Into Me” here today, you can keep up with them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.