Life can be a bit of a drag sometimes. There are huge, systemic problems facing the world that it would be irresponsible to ignore. This is the sad truth of life. At the same time, there’s a lot of good, too. Finding enjoyment in our lives is a key part of then having the energy to fight against the woes and help improve things for those around us. New Jersey band Tug of War Machine addressed the seriousness of the problems of the human race on their recent track “Bad Germs.” They’re bringing the enjoyment side of life in the music video for the track, premiering right here on Substream.

The video starts with the band expressing shock and awe over something happening just off-screen. You might think based off the song’s intro or the title its some horrible injustice, but you’d be mistaken. It’s a guy throwing down some killer breakdancing moves. From that point forward, you know just what mood the video is going to embody. We see the band perform the song with all the energy they’re known for, the band mug into the camera for extended sequences, and the breakdancer continues to wow. Even Tug of War Machine get in on the breakdancing (with varying degrees of success). While the message of “Bad Germs” should not be lost, the music video goes a long ways towards building some levity into the proceedings as well.

Drummer and vocalist Jordan Lane explained the process behind the video to us. He says:

”We really wanted the music video to compliment the melancholy but driving nature of this song, but also portray our primary vibe which is fairly funloving and laidback. So when it came time to film, and with little time to plan, we knew we wanted to incorporate hip hop vibes with a dark street corner set up, mixed with shots of our live show. The day of the shoot we sent out Facebook feelers for anybody that wanted to get involved or help us take it up a notch. That’s where “Max” the breakdancer reached out. So, we didn’t really know what to expect until we saw this kids moves. We were shocked, and from there just started filming everything, including us being shocked. The process was simple and longtime friend and fellow musician Pete Zengerle (Hang Tight) who also recorded and mixed the song, came out and shot this video for us. Always solid hangs and good times when we get together, that’s what the point of the video shoot was, to have a good time. It just so happens we ended up having something we feel is worth sharing with the rest of the wounded world. So enjoy!”

You can watch the music video for “Bad Germs” below.