In a world full of pop-punk bands, Happy. stands out as something much more. Since forming in 2016, the band — comprising of Tate Logan on vocals, Sean Bowick on drums, and John Palmer on guitar — dropped a 4-song EP, The Endless Bummer, soon thereafter.

After The Endless Bummer was released on cassette through Real Life Cassette Girls Records out of Ohio, Happy. spent the following year analyzing their sound and where they wanted to go musically. They focused on writing new songs that promotes positivity, personal growth, and self-defined happiness.

Through their music, Happy. aims to provide listeners with a sense of nostalgia with a sound that thrives from infectious hooks and charming, catchy melodies. As frontman Logan explains, “We are spreading the message that you can create and achieve your own definition of happy. You don’t have to compare yourself to others or be afraid to think outside of the box or try new things or be who you are.”

Now, as the band gears up to follow-up their 2018 debut, Cult Classic, Substream is excited to team up with Happy. to exclusively premiere their new single, “Sick Is the New Sane.” The single is reminiscent of acts like All Time Low, Microwave, and Waterparks, and offers an intriguing taste of what’s to come while touching on the struggle of balancing your internet personality with the real world.

Elaborating further on the meaning behind the track, Happy. explain, “‘Sick is the New Sane’ is a song about the pressure of upholding an expected level of internet presence as an artist. There’s a metaphor in the opposing outfits in the video. When we are playing our instruments together, we are in all black as a focus to the music. But at all other times we are shown in jewelry, fur coats, dress shoes etc living a seemingly lavish lifestyle. This is to represent the way musicians are expected to be interesting, flashy and entertaining in their personal lives off the stage, even if it sometimes is a false narrative. The poker game is to represent the gamble of dedicating time to both the fans on line and your loved ones in real life. The scene is set at the beach because we don’t belong there. We filmed the video in Beaufort, SC at Lands End Beach with DirectorXJ.”

You can find our exclusive premiere of “Sick Is the New Sane” below. This month’s proceeds from the single will be split between Campaign Zero and the Black Emotional and Mental Health Collective, and be on the lookout for a major announcement from the band shortly.

Pre-save the single via Rude Records here.